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Bloodiest riot was when?

Today began the bloodiest riot in American history, and it wasn’t in Newark in 1967 (click here) and its perpetrators weren’t black, they were white.  To read about the Draft Riots of 1863, click here and read the second item.

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Ole Miss To Post Signs Recognizing Campus Buildings Built By Slave Labor

“The University of Mississippi is taking major strides in acknowledging its racist history. The institution, affectionately known as Ole Miss, announced plans on Thursday to recognize pre-Civil War campus buildings that were built by slaves. . . . in addition…

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Can America Heal Its Racial Wounds? We Asked Desmond Tutu and His Daughter

In an interview, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and his daughter the Rev. Mpho Tutu explain the role of Ubuntu, an ancient southern African belief . . . . [that] holds that individuals exist only in relationship with other living beings” in…

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Sacrificing Black Lives for the American Lie

Ibram X. Kendi‘s op ed piece in the New York Times provides a rationale for Not in Our Town’s goal of bringing a Truth and Reconciliation process to Princeton, something needed throughout the United States. “Killing the post-racial myth and…

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University of Saskatchewan Is Making Changes to Move toward Reconciliation.

Catherine Porterjune describes the University of Saskatchewan’s increasing the number of aboriginal students and faculty and changing its curriculum to include aboriginal belief systems and traditional knowledge and the reaction to their actions.

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