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Minority Education Committee

Tara Doaty and Daniel Jean on left from our August 29th event the next event will be January 16 2010

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Shopping While Black

Larry sent this video to me and we thought this would be a good video to view for NIOTers. See everyone Monday, Fern.

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Too Few Places to Talk About Race?

Noliwe Rooks, the associate director of Princeton’s newly rejuvenated Center for African American Studies: “There are still too few places where someone is taking responsibility for sharing accurate information about America and race. Someone needs to tell people about the…

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racism and white privilege

I’ve been thinking a lot about the difference between ‘being advantaged’ and ‘white privilege’. I think there is an important distinction. Being advantaged – or disadvantaged – usually is associated with having high/low socio-economic status. White privilege is something different….

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Continuing the Conversation

The dialogue on race and white privilege that began this spring at the Princeton Public Library continues on first Mondays. “Continuing Conversations on Race and White Privilege is co-sponsored by Not in Our Town. You do not need to have…

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