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Finding Ourselves Led On the Paths To Peace

In 2013, former civil rights leader and UN Ambassador Andrew Young spoke here in Princeton as a part of an interfaith service for peace. Listen to this elder’s perspective on the paths to peace and the barriers to progress: (Hat…

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Not in Our Town knows how effective young activists can be through our board members Ziad Ahmed and his redefy organization and Winona Guo and Priya Vulchi’s Princeton CHOOSE.  Now another young New Jerseyan, 11-year-old Marley Dias, is addressing the…

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Whitesplaining: When to Speak up and When to Keep Quiet

This video illustrates how well-intended white people can cause offense.

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Princeton University Reach in, Teach in, December 12, 2015 video

In case you missed the teach in about black student activism at Princeton University announced in a previous post, you can watch the video.

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White Lies We Tell Our Children

You know that feeling when your child discovers you’ve been lying to them about something? Some lies we tell are pretty harmless. But others–like those surrounding privilege–contribute to the stubborn inequality in our world. Colin was performing in a long-running…

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