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Shots Fired

This Radio Lab podcast examined police shootings.  Featured are Tampa Bay Times reporter Ben Montgomery, who collected six years of records of Florida police shootings which are available in an online database Why Cops Shoot, Mothers of the Movement, women…

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Lynching in Amerca

The Root announced the unveiling of a new, valuable web resource. “Google and the Equal Justice Initiative launched a website Tuesday [June 13, 2017] that explores the history and legacy of racial terror in the United States, specifically during the…

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Recording and Resources: Understanding Racial-Ethnic Identity Development

EmbraceRace has made available the audio, video, and transcript of their May 23, 2017 webinar with Dr. Sandra Chapman. They also link to the models and resources on Dr. Chapman’s website.

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Raising Race Conscious Children

This website is “a resource to support adults who are trying to talk about race with young children.” In addition to blog posts, the organization conducts webinars, next scheduled for Thursday, June 22, 8 pm. Registration for the June webinar will…

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White Privilege Explanatory Comic

If you or someone you know are struggling with wrapping your head around the concept of white privilege, this comic might help.

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