Continuing Conversations

Not In Our Town Princeton hosts a monthly gathering at the Princeton Public Library entitled, “Continuing Conversations on Race & White Privilege.”

Our statement of intent with regards to these gatherings is as follows:

“Our priority is to create a safe and welcoming atmosphere in which our African American sisters and brothers and other people of color will feel respected and have their stories listened to and really heard.  We are motivated to explore our own privilege and biases and to continue to learn and grow by hearing each other’s stories, so that we can best make a difference.”

We welcome anyone who is committed to working to dismantle racism and build an inclusive community to join us on the first Monday of every month, at 6:30pm, the Princeton Public Library‘s Community Room (just inside the front doors of the library, near the café). Please come a little early if you’ve never attended before.


Continuing Conversations plans to meet on the following dates at 7pm in the Princeton Public Library (please plan to come a little early if it’s your first time):

TUESDAY, January 2,  2018 – The Journey from White Supremacy, to White Privilege, to White Fragility, to White Ally
Monday, Feb 5, 2018 – What Have We Learned? (community questions)
Monday, March 5, 2018 – What Do We Talk About
When We Talk About White Supremacy?
Monday, April 2, 2018 – Crowns in Context (in connection w/ McCarter production) 

Monday, May 7 – The Influence of White Supremacy & Complicity w/ Dr. Poe Johnson
Monday, June 4, 2018 – Racial Literacy Course at PHS (w/ Barnes Johnson & Ms. Manhart)
Monday, July 2 – Nationalism vs. Patriotism (w/ NIOT Princeton board members)
Monday, August 6 – Quest (documentary film; Q&A w/ director & protagonist afterwards)

Tuesday, September 4: “Racial Battle Fatigue: In This Time of Turmoil.” Presenter: Dr. Don Trahan

Monday, October 1: “Urban Traumatic Stress Disorder.” Presenter Dr. Dale Caldwell

Monday, December 3 “Liberating Public Policy Theologically.” Presenter Rev. Dr. Charles Frederick Boyer


Please join us, and bring a friend!



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