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Patricia Williams: on the Zimmerman Trial

​Ann Yasuhara found this article in the Nation magazine, August 19/26, 2013.

“The Monsterization of Trayvon Martin:defending George Zimmerman, his attorneys exploited the ugliest stereotypes to justify fear of black men”

by Patricia J. Williams, a  professor or law at Columbia.


Redemption of the Prosecutor: November 9

Join us for a viewing and discussion of
When prosecutor and devout Christian Preston Shipp began teaching in a
Nashville prison, he never thought he’d be the one to get schooled. But the
friendship he forges with one young prisoner puts his faith in the justice
system—and in Jesus—to the ultimate test. “Redemption of the Prosecutor” is a
short documentary by Brave New Foundation’s Beyond Bars campaign, which
produces videos and engages social media to fight mass incarceration.
Running time is 22 minutes.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

 Approximately 10,000 lifers have been convicted of nonviolent offenses.
 Nearly half of lifers are African American and 1 in 6 are Latino.
 More than 10,000 life-sentenced inmates have been convicted of crimes that
occurred before they turned 18 and nearly 1 in 4 of them were sentenced to
 More than 5,300 (3.4%) of the life-sentenced inmates are female.”


Vote, by Friday, for national organization of NIOT

this email came from the national organization of Not in Our Town, to which Not in Our Town Princeton belongs. As below.

Human Rights Tulip Award We know you have busy lives, but if you can take a minute to affirm your support for Not In Our Town by clicking a button, it will help make NIOT more visible in other parts of the world!

Not In Our Town has been nominated for the Human Rights Tulip Award for our work as human rights defenders who promote and support human rights in innovative ways.

PLEASE click on this link and vote for us by Friday, October 18, 2013. PLEASE share and THANK YOU!

To vote, all you have to do is type in your email on the following page and confirm your vote from your inbox.

About the Tulip Award & Innovating Justice 

The Human Rights Tulip is for human rights defenders who promote and support human rights in innovative ways. Individuals and organizations can win global recognition and support to further develop and scale up their innovation, for a total value of 100,000 Euros.  

Innovating Justice aims to create the world’s first platform that transforms visionary ideas into sustainable Rule of Law solutions. The Rule of Law and justice sector is crucial for sustainable communities, relations between communities and for individuals to realize their full capabilities. It is also an industry in and of  itself, in which billions of dollars are spent each year.

The "R Word" on the Daily Show

Thanks to LeRhonda for starting Monday’s Continuing Conversations on Race with this clip from The Daily Show, “The R Word.”  Jessica Williams and Samantha Bee convene two panels to discuss the state of race relations in America. You want to watch it. As ironic comedy, sending up stereotypes, it is all too true.

“It’s not that the conversation is so difficult, it’s just that it will take a very very long time.”

Continuing Conversation: Important Events of the Summer Regarding Race

Continuing Conversations opens its series, in partnership with the Princeton Public Library, on Monday, October 7, at 7:30 p.m., with the topic “Important events of the summer regarding race.” 

Ann Yasuhara and LeRhonda Greats will moderate the discussion. Participants are invited to bring in the topics they think important that happened over the summer. These might include:
1. The court decision about the Trayvon Martin case. Earlier on this blog someone posted their reactions to the Trayvon Martin case and included links to an essay in New York magazine by Questlove, a well-known black musician.
2. The Supreme Court ruling about voting rights. The Huffington Post is one of the many sites where there is a review.
3.  The movie “Fruitvale Station”, based on a true life story. Click here for the trailer.
4.   The movie “The Butler”, based on a true life story. Click here for the trailer.

Continuing Conversations on Race are a friendly, safe, confidential opportunity to share ideas and voice concerns. All are invited. They are planned and facilitated by Not in Our Town Princeton and held on the first Monday of the month from October through June in partnership with the Princeton Public Library.


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