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The Opportunity to Compete Act: 5/14

Princeton Mayors Press Conference Flyer


How Non-Minority Students Also Benefit from Racially Diverse Schools

How Non-Minority Students Also Benefit from Racially Diverse Schools

Regarding the continuing controversy on affirmative action, here is an article from the National Coalition on School Diversity that speaks to the benefit of diversity for non-minority students as well.

Checking Privilege?

Our next Continuing Conversation — Monday, May 5 at 7 p.m. at the Princeton Public Library — will focus on Gina Crossley Corcoran’s post “Explaining White Privilege to a Broke White Person.”

For a different angle on white privilege, here is an essay from a white male at Princeton University, Tai Fortgang.

Roberto Schiraldi and Fern Spruill will moderate the May 5 Continuing Conversation, held in partnership with the Princeton Public Library as a safe place to have open and frank discussions about race. Everyone is invited!

Events: New Jim Crow

League of Women Voters Candidate Night for those running for Princeton Town Council:

When: April 30, 2014 (Wed.) 7 PM

Where: Witherspon Hall, Witherspoon St. at Valley Road, Princeton

ACLU 12th Congressional District Candidate Debate on issues relating to Civil Rights

When: Thursday, May 1, from 7 to 8:30 p.m.

Where: Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Princeton, 50 Cherry Hill Road, Princeton

It is first come, first served but you can pre-register: To register and for more info:

Moderated by Mike Schneider, Anchor and Managing Editor, NJTV News

Participating candidates:

Upendra Chivukula (D), Alieta Eck (R), Linda Greenstein (D), Bonnie Watson Coleman (D) and Andrew Zwicker (D)

“Parent Engagement Workshop” – Transforming Trenton Schools through Parental Empowerment

When: May 3, 2014 (Sat), 9 am – 1 pm

Where: Joyce Kilmer School, 1300 Stuyvesant Avenue, Trenton

“Shell Shocked” – Film screening and discussion about youth and gun violence
When: May 10, 2014 (Sat), 4 pm

Where: Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, 801 West State Street, Trenton

Contact: No registration required. Carole Stiller, Million Mom March

“New Jersey Mayors Press Conference – Support of Opportunity to Compete Act” (aka Ban the Box).

When: May 14, 2014 (Wed) 12:30 pm.

Where: Albert Hinds Plaza at the Princeton Public Library

“Broken on All Sides”, film screening and discussion featuring Matthew Pillischer, Esq.

Free and open to the public.

When: June 7, 2014 (Sat) 1-6 pm

Where: Masjidut Taqwa Mosque, 1001 E. State Street, Trenton.

Contact: 609-502-9163

“Philadelphia Healthcare and Reentry Prison Summit”

When: June 10, 2014 (Tues) 8:30 am – 5 pm

Where : Pennsylvania Convention Center, 12th and Arch Streets, Philadelphia

Contact: Free, register: reentry-summit-2014.

Keynote Speaker: Michelle Alexander

Workshop Presenter: Matthew Pillischer, Esq. “Coordinating Regional Strategies in the Movement Against Mass Incarceration.” Panel includes Barbara Flythe.

Lunch and babysitting provided

Free and open to the public

Privileged States: May 5 Continuing Conversation

Roberto Schiraldi and Fern Spruill will moderate Continuing Conversations on Race and White Privilege on Monday, May 5 at 7 p.m. at the Princeton Public Library. All are welcome to these safe, friendly, confidential sessions for asking questions and sharing opinions.

Among the points to think about: Simply by being born a citizen of the U.S.A. gives you certain privileges that others do not have. Being born male gives you another set of privileges — that you can walk through a parking lot at night and not worry about being raped. By being born able bodied means you don’t have to structure your life around disability.

So says Gina Crossley-Corcoran, who grew up poor and, from that perspective, has a different view of various “privileged states. She wrote a very interesting post, Explaining White Privilege to a Broke White Person on her blog “The Feminist Breeder.” The ideas behind this post will be the topic for the evening.

Here is a comment in response to the question from the post:
Tell me, are you a White Person made uncomfortable by the term “While Privilege?” Does a more nuanced approach help you see your own Privilege more clearly?”

“I appreciate this post. I am an upper middle class white woman and I have experienced and continue to experience privilege in lots of facets of my life. To me, it is not about feeling guilty or bad about having privilege. It is about living my life in a way that acknowledges that privilege exists and using my privilege to work hard to fight against injustice, inequality, inequity (because that is a very different from inequality), and oppression. I don’t think you have to feel bad or guilty about yourself to acknowledge that white privilege (and class privilege) exist, that racism and oppression exist, and that those things are not good, even if they benefit you (against your will). The trick is to figure out how to talk about this in a way that doesn’t scare away.other well meaning privileged men and women. Thanks for trying to do that!

The above blog article is exerpted with permission from the author, Gina Crosley-Corcoran, http://the, November 20,2013.

A white male at Princeton University writes about how assumptions are made in this essay.

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