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Lynching in Amerca

The Root announced the unveiling of a new, valuable web resource.

“Google and the Equal Justice Initiative launched a website Tuesday [June 13, 2017] that explores the history and legacy of racial terror in the United States, specifically during the period between the Civil War and World War II, when more than 4,000 black Americans were lynched in this country.

Lynching in America is an interactive website created with support from Google and based on a full report completed by the Equal Justice Initiative. The site features the full 80-page report; audio stories from generations affected by lynching; a documentary film called Uprooted, which features the story of the descendants of a man who was lynched; and interactive maps that have locations of lynchings, profiles of the victims and the stories behind their deaths.”

9 Phrases Allies Can Say When Called Out Instead of Getting Defensive

“Being called out (or in) can be a gift, as it calls on us to rise up and do better – to tap into our empathy and do the serious and critical work of interrogating our own beliefs and biases.” 

Trenton’s Midsummer Magic Play Festival, Passage Theatre, June 15-16, 2017

We have been hearing the voices of Princeton High School students.  Here is a chance to hear from Trenton Central High School students in a series of plays at the Passage Theatre ( 205 E Front St, Trenton, NJ, (609) 392-0766), on Thursday, June 15 and Friday, June 16 at 7 pm.  Tickets are $10 for adults, $5 for students.Shakespeare1038x483-3

Featuring The Aesthetics of Trenton Central High
Jun 15 – Jun 16, 2017
7 PM

The State Street Project presents two evenings of short plays written by Trenton Central High School students, inspired by William Shakespeare and set in present day Trenton.

June 15, 2017 @ 7pm
Featuring Dream by The Aesthetics
Adapted by Christina Forshey
Directed by Rodney Gilbert

Love Aid
J+J Murder
The Good Daughter

June 16, 2017 @7pm
Featuring Dream by The Aesthetics
Adapted by Christina Forshey
Directed by Rodney Gilbert

Veins of the Forest
American Fondness Trigon
Suite Tragedy
Average School Day
Love Triangle

More minority teachers?

In this account by Philip Sean Curran of the Princeton Packet, Superintendent Stephen Cochrane pledges to hire more minorities as teachers.

Ruha Benjamin: June 21 at Nassau Club



Ruha Benjamin speaks at the Nassau Club for the Princeton Regional Chamber breakfast on Wednesday, June 21, 7:30 a.m.  With this topic: Beyond Buzzwords: Innovation, Inequity, and Imagination in the 21st Century, she will challenge the business community: “Without carefully considering the social dimensions of innovation, we risk reinforcing longstanding forms of inequity and injustice, and even producing new forms of discrimination.

This is an opportunity for Not in Our Town Princeton to be more widely known in the business community. Those who attend NIOT Princeton events can register for the breakfast at a reduced price ($25) by identifying yourself as being from NIOT, link here.  You may use your own business cards for networking from 7:30 to 8, when the hot breakfast buffet is served. The program is 8:30-9:30.

The racial literacy series that Ruha Benjamin presented at the Princeton Public Library was extraordinarily well received. For the chamber, she will examine a range of contemporary issues at the nexus of data and democracy, so that, as she says, “we can think together about the social values embedded in these platforms and systems. My aim is to expand our collective imagination around what counts as relevant and meaningful to public debate on Big Data, so that a greater array of citizens can contribute to the design of the world we collectively inhabit.”


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