There will always be more to learn, and more work to be done. Please see our Racial Literacy Resources page for recommended reading in connection with our well-received 2016 Racial Literacy Series.

Additionally, check out our Parent ResourcesEducational Videos pages for more great ideas on how to move forward.

Addressing systemic bias and oppression can be overwhelming, because once you become sensitized, you realize that it’s EVERYWHERE. In the words of St. Louis activist Brittany Packnett, “Your role in social change starts two steps past where you’re comfortable. Find that place. Take two steps past there. And begin.”

No matter what speaks to you the most, whether it’s voter suppression, mass incarceration, environmental justice, child welfare, parentingwhat’s not being taught in our schools, police violence, criminal justice reformgerrymandering, reproductive rightssexual assault, or the danger Black transwomen face every single day, there is someone out there leading the way!

So listen to your heart, figure out whether you can contribute time, talent, tithe, or some combination of all three, and then STEP UP! And tell all your friends how your commitment to racial justice is reflected in your calendar, your checkbook, and your conversations.

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