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The Spirit of Standing Rock on the Move

A special report in Yes! magazine describes efforts by seven Native American groups to preserve their water and sacred sites.

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One Way to Take Action

When Natasha Nkhama, a Baylor University student, was attacked by a student, hundreds of fellow students escorted Nkhama to her Friday morning class

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A Bystander’s Guide to Standing up Against Islamophobic Harassment (and Other Types of Harassment, Too)

“[A] short and helpful illustrated how-to guide for bystanders who want to step in and help someone experiencing Islamophobic harassment in a public place.”

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How One White Person Can Make a Difference In Fighting Racism

This 16-point list, grouped into three areas: listening, learning, and acting, is an excellent guide for people who sincerely want to challenge racism and are at a loss as to what to do.  You can practice actions in all three…

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White silence by Samuel Adams

“The cost of being uncomfortable (loss of privilege) is more important to them (Whites) than the benefits of doing what is right,” is a quote Samuel Adams includes in his essay.  “When Caucasians take stands against racism, they are rejecting…

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