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When you walk into the valley: on allies asking to be taught about race

In his powerful essay, John Metta writes: “There are no black and white answers. There is just a long, hard, emotionally exhausting journey of self-evaluation, critical thinking, and cultural study. . . . When you ask that, they know the…

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12 Ways to Be an Effective Ally at Standing Rock

The protest to stop the pipeline continues, and Liam Purvis provides some “Important Tips for Non-Natives Who Want to Support Standing Rock.”

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How to Easily be a White Ally to Marginalized Communities

Not everyone supports the movement to wear a safety pin to symbolize your willingness to come to the aid of someone being harassed.  Christopher Keelty explains why.  WARNING: Language is used which some may find offensive.

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One Way to Take Action

When Natasha Nkhama, a Baylor University student, was attacked by a student, hundreds of fellow students escorted Nkhama to her Friday morning class

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Training for White Allies

Inspired in part by their participation in Not In Our Town’s Continuing Conversations, local-area trainers Eliane Geren and Kathy Wilcox are planning to offer a four-session series training for white allies this fall. Emotional First-Aid:­ the Missing Prerequisite for Empathy This…

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