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Even Famous And Successful Black Women Can Encounter Serious Pregnancy Complications

NPR’s Ari Shapiro talks with Dr. Valerie Montgomery Rice, president and dean of the Morehouse School of Medicine, about the fact that black mothers have a higher mortality rate than white mothers and the effect of racism.  To hear the…

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Beyoncé and the End of Respectability Politics

Describing the importance of Beyoncé’s performance at the Coachella festival on Saturday, April 24, 2018, Myles E. Johnson writes: “In putting on a show that celebrated the diversity of black people, she conveyed that no matter how much fame or…

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Formation doesn’t include me— and that’s just fine by Kate Forristall

Blogger Kate Forristall describes her reaction to Beyonce’s half-time performance at the Super Bowl and the role white people should play.

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