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Preventing Racial Bias in the Classroom: What One Researcher Hopes to Learn

Doris Chang, Director of Clinical Training and Assistant Professor of Psychology at the New School for Social Research, describes a Mindfulness-Based Critical Consciousness Training (MBCC-T) for teachers she is piloting, which “will combine training in mindfulness and culturally-responsive pedagogy with…

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Facial Recognition is Accurate, If You’re a White Guy

While some facial recognition software can identify gender, the accuracy of its results varies by skin tone and gender, accurate 99 percent of the time if the photo is of white men, but erroneous up to 35 per cent of…

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Does Condoning Racist Family Members Make You an Accessory to Their Bigotry?

In his essay in The Root, Jeremy Helligar relates incidents when friends and family have tolerated hateful attitudes they don’t share and challenges readers to step up and speak up.  Read the complete post by clicking here.

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Media Framing of Las Vegas Shooter

Kelly Macias analyzes the media treatment of Stephen Paddock. “Even in his death, Paddock is afforded something that, in life, is not afforded to people of color. He gets to be seen as an individual—not as a member of a…

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When Black Children are Targeted for Punishment

In their op ed, Derrick Darby and John L. Rury’s review disproportionate discipline in schools by race, across the nation and through history.  Click here to read the complete piece.

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