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Formerly Enslaved Dane, a Pioneer to Iceland

Hans Jonathan, born enslaved in St. Croix a Danish possession in 1784, fled to Iceland when a Danish court denied his assertion that he was granted freedom by the crown prince for service in the Danish navy.  The Danish government…

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Caribbean Nations Seek Reparations for Slavery and Native Genocide

“Twenty-two [i]sland nations that make up The Caribbean Community (CARICOM), are calling for reparations for slavery and the genocide the indigenous peoples. . . . the Reparatory Justice Program—a 10-point plan which is being aimed at their former colonizers.”

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Afro-Asian Atlantic: Literature, Reggae, and the Caribbean, March 21, 2016

Featuring British authors Kerry Young (Pao and Gloria) and Hannah Lowe (Chick and Long Time No See) in conversation with Randy Chin, the CEO of VP Records, based in Queens, NY, the most influential independent record label of reggae and…

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Princeton University, Davis Center Conference: The Long Aftermath of Slavery, April 3 – 4, 2015

The Long Aftermath of Slavery: From Emancipation to Reparations in the United States and the Caribbean. The two-day meeting will bring together a group of scholars exploring comparisons and connections between the post-emancipation history of the United States and the wider…

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