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An Insatiable Rage

Charles Blow’s column describes the motivation for the current protests “This isn’t only about the pain of police brutality, it’s about all the pain” and summarizes the difficulty in making real progress “Racial oppression is infinitely transmutable.”  To read his…

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Allies, Don’t Fail Us Again

Making comparisons between the current protests and the 1960s Civil Rights Movement, with the failed support for its efforts in the north, Charles Blow challenges aspiring white allies to live up to their slogans. “We must make sure, make a…

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Denying Racism Supports It

Charles Blow notes that while many white Americans believe that that using the label “racist” is too often unwarranted, “[r]acism is actually under-identified and labeled in America.  And, I believe that too many of our white neighbors are choosing to…

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Soul Work: Healing Racial Trauma, June 2-3, 2017 Conference.

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Police Violence: American Epidemic, American Consent

Charles Blow wisely places the most recent shooting deaths of black men by police against the background of systemic racism.  “We keep talking about choices, but we don’t talk nearly enough about the fact that choices are always made within…

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