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Black Dads Are Doing Best of All

Charles Blow analyzes the statistics and challenges the myths of negligent African American fathers in his June 8, 2015 New York Times column.

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Of Museums and Racial Relics by Charles Blow

In his May 11, 2015 column, Charles Blow quotes first lady Michelle Obama at the opening of the new Whitney Museum in New York about the message the inclusive exhibit sends to young people, who have felt excluded from cultural…

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Deadly Force in Philadelphia

The March 26, 2015 New York Times editorial discusses the recently released Department of Justice report about Philadelphia police practices and urges implementation of the recommendations. Charles Blow’s column about the same report focuses on “which of the suspects were…

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Yale University Security Officer Cleared in Tahj Blow Detention Case

“An investigation by the Yale Police Department’s Internal Affairs Unit into a complaint that a YPD officer inappropriately used a firearm in detaining Tahj Blow ’16 has found that the officer’s actions complied with department policy.”

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A Kaffeeklatsch on Race

Charles Blow brings his usual brilliant analysis to the talk about policing and race by FBI director James Comey, in his February 15, 2015 column in the New York Times.  “What too few people mention when discussing crime is the…

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