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The Right to Love: Loving v. Virginia and the American Civil Liberties Union

In connection with the film, Loving, Rachel Van Unen’s entry in the Princeton University Archives’ blog displays some of the ACLU documents that were part of the case to led to the Supreme Court’s decision that laws prohibiting interracial marriage…

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How Airbnb Can Fight Racial Discrimination

Having experienced discrimination from hosts in the popular online accommodations marketplace, Kristen Clarke, president and executive director of Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights under Law, suggests a way the business can be held accountable under civil rights law.  She also…

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Photographing Protest: Bussard on Moore

Princeton Art Museum curator analyzes photo journalism during the civil rights struggle.

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Justice Department’s Findings on Ferguson, MO Investigation

The federal Department of Justice issued a report on March 4, 2015 of findings from its investigation of the Ferguson, MO police department and the shooting of Michael Brown.  It cleared Darren Wilson, the white officer who shot Michael Brown,…

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Little Rock–Performances Extended to November 2

Passage Theatre in Trenton is doing a play on Little Rock, the famous school desegregation case that cracked the Jim Crow rules. A powerful, real life drama.  Each actor plays and sings superbly. The play closes October 26 Sunday, November…

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