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It’s not my job to absolve white friends of racism, but it can seem that way by AD Carson

In an essay rich with insights, A. D. Carson writes “What these friends always want is my public absolution, as a black person on behalf of all black people: they want to be told they aren’t really racist. . ….

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White Privilege Weariness

Having participated in many white privilege conversations, Austin Channing points out that white people become the central focus and expresses the wish that “One day I would like to try hosting a workshop where people of color tell their stories,…

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Ziad Ahmed Goes to Washington

Ziad Ahmed, 16, the founder of an anti-bias organization and a youth member of the board of Not in Our Town Princeton, was invited to the White House for dinner with the president (Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson).  Reason: he had transformed…

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Continuing Conversation: Assumptions

Please join us on Monday, June 1, 7 p.m., in the Story Room (3rd floor) for our monthly Continuing Conversation on Race and White Privilege. The focus this month will be “Assumptions.”  When we see someone of another race, what…

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Nobel Nominee Speaks at Unity Awards

UNITY AWARDS: Nobel Peace Prize nominee Victor Ochen (right) congratulates (from left) Unity Award winners Kimberly Rojas and Harvi Shergill, eighth graders at John Witherspoon Middle School, and Tatianna Sims, a graduating senior from Princeton High. (Photo by Roland Glover)….

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