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Millions of black students attend public schools that are highly segregated by race and by income

Reed Jordan of the Urban Institute reports on the high degree of exposure of African Americans to poverty, the result of centuries of discriminatory housing practices.  One result is a concentration of black students in high poverty schools.  He says, “The  effects…

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Satire or ? Dear White People

Dear White People, currently showing at the Garden Theater, is the topic for Continuing Conversations on Race on Monday, November 3,  facilitated by Roberto Schiraldi and Simona Brickers. All are welcome to this safe, confidential opportunity to discuss sensitive and important…

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White Parents Should Talk to Their Kids About Discrimination by Jennifer Keys Adair

Adair, a professor of early childhood education, explains why white parents need to initiate conversations about race and racism with their children and gives an example from her own life.

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Women in Technical Jobs: Discrimination and Harassment

A woman engineer tells how it was in the ’70s. And the harassment continues. As below: In 1980, I may have been the first women in the U.S. to take charge of building a skyscraper for an owner. And it was…

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