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Ta-Nehisi Coates On Police Brutality, The Confederate Flag And Forgiveness

Ta-Nehisi Coates, writer for the Atlantic and author of an article on reparations in that journal, is interviewed by Terry Gross on NPR’s Fresh Air, after the publication of his book Between the World and Me.  Read a review of…

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SCOTUS on fair housing

The four things we need to know about this week’s Supreme Court decision, a blog post by Eric Halperin and Deidre Swesnik of the Open Society Foundation 1. The court recognized that unconscious or implicit bias is a form of…

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The only good news about the McKinney pool party is the white kids’ response to racism

Vox Media reporter Jenée Desmond-Harris writes about the white teens who responded to racist comments by white adults in McKinney and who recorded the action once the police arrived and posted it on Youtube.  “Outside of the context of American…

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Police Officers Debate Effectiveness Of Anti-Bias Training

“Police departments around the country are instituting anti-bias training for their officers. The Justice Department encourages it, but for many cops the training doesn’t seem effective or necessary.”  Listen to the NPR segment discussing this issue.  Not in Our Town’s…

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Society’s Fear Of Black Men And Its Consequences, Part 2

“How do African American men feel about themselves and each other? [NPR’s Michel Martin interviews] professional black men, and find out if they have ever had the experience as being seen as frightening.”

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