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Caribbean Nations Seek Reparations for Slavery and Native Genocide

“Twenty-two [i]sland nations that make up The Caribbean Community (CARICOM), are calling for reparations for slavery and the genocide the indigenous peoples. . . . the Reparatory Justice Program—a 10-point plan which is being aimed at their former colonizers.”

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Germany Confronts Its Genocide Past in Africa

Twentieth century’s first genocide took place between 1904  and 1908 in Namibia (then the German colony of South-West Africa), when 100,000 Herero, 80% of their population, were killed directly or perished in desert bordering their former lands by German occupiers. …

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Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada Report

Canada issued the final report from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission to continue to deal with the legacy of its Indian Residential Schools. Renee Montagne interviewed Murray Sinclair, chair of the Commission, on NPR Morning Edition on Thursday, June 4,…

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