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Why I don’t feel safe wearing a face mask

In addition to the threat of disease, Aaron Thomas explains his concern about using face masks as a protective measure. “I’m a Black man living in this world. I want to stay alive, but I also want to stay alive.” …

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Examining Racism; Looking Inward First. Workshop on September 18, 2019

New location: 177 Princeton Hightstown Rd, Princeton Junction (Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Community Room)  

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Don’t Talk about Implicit Bias Without Talking about Structural Racism

Kathleen Osta and Hugh Vasquez of the National Equity Project emphasize that “making progress on equity will require us to both mitigate our own biases and change structures.”  In addition to numerous examples, Osta and Vasquez describe three keys processes…

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Richard Carranza held ‘white-supremacy culture’ training for school adminstrators

The New York Post may not like it, but it sounds like NYC School Chancellor Richard Carranza’s training is making all the right points. “The training is not focused on white supremacy and white privilege,” Carranza said after a City…

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Michigan city moves to criminalize calling 911 on people of color who are just living their lives

Jessica Sutherland reports that Grand Rapids, Michigan is addressing the “epidemic of racially-motivated abuses of emergency services.” “Diversity and Inclusion Manager Patti Caudill said the ordinance is a new concept in Michigan. It isn’t meant to discourage 911 calls, she…

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