Not In Our Town Princeton


Joint Effort Safe Streets Summer Program 2018 Schedule for August 2-12, 2018

This annual series begins tonight, August 2, at 6 pm.  The full schedule of activities for the next ten days is below. For more information or get involved contact John Bailey at [720] 629-0964.

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Safe Streets Events to Celebrate Witherspoon-Jackson Community

“Looking Back and Moving Forward” is the theme for this year’s Joint Effort Safe Streets Program, which will focus on the historic role of the black church in the Witherspoon-Jackson (W-J) community and will include a rich array of events…

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Taxed out, deathed out, and rented out

    “There is something about black neighborhoods, or at least poor black neighborhoods, that make them seem irresistible to gentrification,” wrote Michael Henry Adams in the The End of Black Harlem  published in the New York Times on May 27,…

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‘The Shoulders We Stand On’

Friday, August 12 was Day 5 of the “Joint-Effort – Princeton Safe Streets week 2016. The Witherspoon-Jackson Community hosted “The Shoulders We Stand On,” a hope and history recognition program, at First Baptist Church Princeton. The events were planned to…

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