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Selections to Read, Watch, Listen, and Learn about Race, Racism, and Anti-Racism from September & October, 2021

What is Critical Race Theory and Why is it Under Attack? Scholar Kimberlé Crenshaw speaks with Devon Carbado and Laura Flanders, filmed live at Union Chapel in Martha’s Vineyard on August 24, 2021.  The African American Policy Forum also produces…

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Events, July 15-19, 2020

July 15 8 pm Under the Blacklight: Politics, Power, & Struggle Against Black Precarity Conversation between Kimberlé Crenshaw and Representative Ayanna Pressley.  To register click here. July 16 10 am A Conversation on Systemic Racism and Its Impact on Women…

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Under the Blacklight, Part 7: Mobilizing Whiteness to “Re-Open America,” May 6, 2020

“This week, we turn our discussion to unpacking the ways that an ideology of whiteness has become central to the American response to COVID-19. In cities across the country, we’ve witnessed small but telling protests that deploy the debased frameworks…

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“We’re all just different!” How Intersectionality is Being Colonized by White People

Jamie Utt points out the frequent misuse of the term “intersectionality,” which was coined by Kimberlé Crenshaw, feminist and Critical Race legal theory scholar. “[I]ntersectionality isn’t a theory of difference. It’s a theory of oppression. And when we treat it…

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