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Why We Struggle to Say ‘I Love You’

Following Sandra Oh’s telling her parents “I love you.” in Korean as she accepted the Golden Globe, Viet Thanh Nguyen addresses parent-child relationships in the Asian American community and the price paid for the lack of representation and the presentation…

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National Geographic Acknowledges Its Past Racist Coverage

To begin a year dedicated to the “exploration of race,” the National Geographic devotes its April 2018 issue to the topic. As Susan Goldberg, editor in chief and the first woman and Jewish person, “a member of two groups that also…

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I’ve suffered from racism in N.J. Here’s one way to fight it

Speaking from her experiences including vivid childhood memories, Khadijah Costley White, assistant professor in the Rutgers School of Communication and Information, advocates being aware of media distortions of race and speaking out against racism.  To read her op ed, click…

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A Dangerous Distortion of our Families: Representations of Families, by Race, in News and Opinion Media

Dr. Travis L. Dixon, Professor of Communication and the Communication Alumni Professorial Scholar University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, is the author of a report for the Color of Change, the national civil rights organization.  “The study analyzed relevant stories published…

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Race in the Writers’ Room: How Hollywood Whitewashes the Stories that Shape America

The power of the media to shape images and biases about groups of people has long been acknowledged.  The analysis by Darnell Hunt of UCLA of 1,678 first-run episodes from all 234 of the original, scripted comedy and drama series…

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