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Trayvon Martin: “Five years ago, a black boy was shot for nothing.”

On the fifth anniversary, Leonard Pitts reflects on the shooting of Trayvon Martin: “Many Americans made him a blank screen upon which they projected their racialized stereotypes and fears. They could not allow him to be a harmless child walking home.

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Reminded of Racism

Saddened by continued expressions of racism, West Windsor & Plainsboro News reporter Euna Kwon Brossman reprints a column she wrote in 1992 just after the reactions to the beating of Rodney King.

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Black girls fight media images

Lewis Duiguid cites a recent study [Muhammad, G. E. & McArthur, S. A. (2015). “Styled by their perceptions”: Adolescent girls’ interpretations of Black girlhood in the media. Multicultural Perspectives, 17(3), 1-8.] that “shows how stereotypical media images affect black girls’ sense of themselves…

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The New York Times has created a newsroom-wide team for covering race.

“Rather than covering race all at once or assigning a single reporter to the topic, The New York Times has created a team of journalists in different departments throughout the newsroom who conceive and develop stories related to the subject,”…

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The Faces of American Power

The New York Times provides an illustration of pictures being worth thousands of words.

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