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Do we all have PTSD?: Mental health in an age of racial terror

Experience of both egregious acts of injustice and microaggressions and even visual exposure to such events causes racial trauma with the familiar symptoms of PTSD–depression,  fear based distrust of surroundings, anxiety, hyper alertness and angry outbursts when triggered.  While author…

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Mandatory Microaggression Training at Suffolk University

Those who attended the November 1 Racial Literacy session saw the blog post by an undergraduate who was erroneously charged by her professor with committing plagiarism.  Presenter Dr. Ruha Benjamin showed the post, Academia, Love Me Back, as an example…

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Campuses Cautiously Train Freshmen Against Subtle Insults

Stephanie Saul’s article describes programs on several college campuses to help their incoming classes avoid hurting fellow students with microaggressions and other insensitivities.  She also refers to “[t]he backlash . . . exemplified recently in a widely publicized letter sent…

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Why Subtle Bias Is So Often Worse than Blatant Discrimination

In their Harvard Business Review article, Eden King and Kristen Jones outline the damaging effects of subtle bias or microaggressions in the workplace and suggests ways of addressing them.

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Acknowledging My Own Diversity Fatigue

Juliette Austin, Diversity Strategist and Professional Development Coach, describes the negative impact microaggressions have on people of color, who experience them on a regular if not daily basis. “It’s important to understand, these macro and micro aggressions are not directed…

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