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Lynching in America: Targeting Black Veterans

Fighting for their country in virtually every war in which the United States was involved did not protect African American veterans once they returned home.  The Equal Justice Initiative has produced a history of African American participation in the military…

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West Point Cadet, Simone Askew, Breaks a Racial and Gender Barrier

Simone Askew is the first African-American woman to hold the highest student position at the United States Military Academy–the West Point corps of cadets first captain.  Read the full article by clicking here.

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On Steel Horses They Ride — To Honor 19th-Century Cavalries

This NPR story describes a multiracial, ” ‘modern progressive motorcycle club,’ that pays homage to the Buffalo Soldiers, the nineteenth century black Ninth and Tenth cavalry.  “We are representing a legacy of a group of men that fought and died…

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Five on the Black Hand Side: Origins and Evolutions of the Dap

Did you know that the dap, the fist bump, is an acronym for “dignity and pride?”  This article describes the evolution of the gesture and the consequences for Black Vietnam Soldiers using it.  Another example of how a symbol of…

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