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Anti-Asian and Pacific Islander Racism during the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Asian Americans, racism, and antiracism in the COVID Era TONIGHT 5/14, 8:30 pm ET

At once “model minorities” and “perpetual foreigners,” Asian Americans communities have long occupied an uncertain status in the landscape of race and racial justice in the US. The xenophobic framing of COVID crisis at the highest levels of US public…

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Harvard and the Myth of the Interchangeable Asian

In light of the lawsuit challenging Harvard’s affirmative action policies, claiming that the university discriminates against Asian-American applicants, novelist Lisa Ko notes that “the model-minority myth [has been] leveraged by both whites and Asians to justify racism against blacks and…

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The Model Minority in the Age of Trump By Frank Guan

“Frank Guan has written an important piece that helps deconstruct the historical elements of bigotry and resentment currently in play in the lives of Asian Americans, many of which have been amplified since the election. He starts with the recent…

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