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School Apologizes For Asking Students To Make Slave Auction Posters

While including the histories of all groups in America needs to be taught, HOW it should be taught is the question, as revealed in this news item.

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Police Diversity Training Is Now Required in New Jersey

A-1663wGR/S-1142 (Schaer, Prieto, Sumter, Danielsen, Johnson, Mukherji/Turner) – Requires DLPS to establish and make available to law enforcement agencies cultural diversity training materials and online tutorial. According to the Princeton Patch: “The law, sponsored by Assembly Budget Chair Gary S….

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Racial Disparities in Custody and Foster Care

WNYC recently aired a story from Sarah Gonzalez about a study that revealed that black children are four times more likely than white children to enter foster care in New Jersey. Listen to the story here:

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Race Still Divides New Jerseyans Over Issues of Criminal Justice

Fairleigh Dickinson University’s PublicMind finds that race is a determining factor in attitudes toward the police and other institutions, including prosecutors and the availability of competent legal assistance for New Jersey residents. Three quarters of whites (75%) trust police to…

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And One Of the Most Racist Places in America Is…New Jersey?

Princeton Patch reporter, Justin Heinze, discusses the results of a study analyzing Google searches for racist terms and discusses the implications for New Jersey.  “The findings indicate, perhaps unsurprisingly, that there is a higher mortality rate for African-Americans in areas…

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