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A Dangerous Distortion of our Families: Representations of Families, by Race, in News and Opinion Media

Dr. Travis L. Dixon, Professor of Communication and the Communication Alumni Professorial Scholar University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, is the author of a report for the Color of Change, the national civil rights organization.  “The study analyzed relevant stories published…

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Let Black Kids Just Be Kids

“People of all races see black children as less innocent, more adultlike and more responsible for their actions than their white peers. In turn, normal childhood behavior, like disobedience, tantrums and back talk, is seen as a criminal threat when…

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A ‘Stand Your Ground’ Expansion That Expands Inequality

Caroline Light addresses the inequity inherent in the  recently passed bill in the Florida Senate to expand “Stand Your Ground” by noting that “The American legal system’s handling of violent self-defense has long favored white, property-owning men.”  She refers to…

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A History of White Delusion

What you see depends upon where you stand.  Nicholas Kristof notes the difference in perception of racial incidents between whites and African Americans.  “Even in the last decade, almost two-thirds of white Americans have said that blacks are treated fairly…

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Racism in the Kindergarten Classroom by Tom Jacobs

Journalist Tom Jacobs describes “new research [that] finds faces of five-year-old black boys put whites in a more threat-conscious state of mind.”

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