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Race, Justice & Equality, June 14, 2020

You do not have to be a PCDO member to attend this program.  Click here to view.

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Panel: “Mass Incarceration Reform: Reduced Prison Populations & Greater Justice,” Sunday, September 18, 7-9 pm

The PCDO (Princeton Community Democratic Organization) is presenting a panel on Mass Incarceration on Sunday, Sept. 18, 7-9pm at the Suzanne Patterson Center.  Members of the public are welcome.  The purpose of the panel is to discuss various reforms that…

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Getting Beyond Racism Part II,” Sunday, APRIL 17, 2016, 7-9PM

The Princeton Community Democratic Organization (PCDO) has organized a second panel at the Suzanne Patterson Center on Sunday, April 17, 2016.  It follows-up their first panel, which was moderated by Michele Tuck-Ponder last September 20th.  Since the tragic events that…

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