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Lesson Not Learned: “America To Me” Documents Why Race Has Everything To Do With Education

Focusing on the documentary “America to Me,” about race relations at the high school in the affluent town of Oak Park, Illinois, on his program 1a, Joshua Johnson hosts: Charles Donalson Former student, Oak Park-River Forest High School in Oak…

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Courageous Conversations: Race at the Crossroads, May 22, 6:30 p.m.

Talking about race can evoke fear, anger, misunderstanding. So it often remains the elephant in the room. This panel discussion asks the question, “What do we lose when we don’t talk about race and how could our lives improve if…

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The many ways teacher diversity may benefit students

In their report, researchers Anna J. Egalite and Brian Kisida outline the three theories supporting the benefit to children of color of having non-white teachers in the classroom: 1) having similar ethnic/race teachers a role models, 2) higher expectations from…

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raceAhead: Understanding Trump, Milwaukee and Race in America by Ellen McGirt

In her August 15, 2016 post in Fortune’s raceAhead, McGirt analyzes the weekend violence in Milwaukee emphazing black-white gaps in infant mortality and school achievement and residential segregation.

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Race on Campus: Two Responses

Patrick Sims, Vice Provost for Diversity and Climate at University of Wisconsin Madison, responded to a racial incident with a frank and powerful video.  Warning: He reads the note that includes offensive language.  It was slipped under the door of…

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