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“Why are racists still a thing?” by Linda Oppenheim

“Why are racists still a thing?” This is the question I saw early this morning on Facebook. It startled me because I think about racism every day, read about racism every day, hear about racism every day. The existence of…

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35 Types of Post-Racial Racism

“In post-racial 21st-century America, no one actually wants to admit to being racist. They’ll do racist things, say racist words, think racist thoughts, support racist business, vote for racist politicians and even willingly benefit from racist policies and business practices,…

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Race conversations should not be censored

Gregory T. Chambers writes in the Delaware News Journal that “In order to work to rid a system of bias and inequality, honest discussion must not exclude the fact that the racist and bias attitudes, the foundation for physical enslavement…

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Whitesplaining: When to Speak up and When to Keep Quiet

This video illustrates how well-intended white people can cause offense.

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I’m tired of suppressing myself to get along with white people by Priscilla Ward

Selected as the best essay of 2015 by, Priscilla Ward’s piece describes the daily adjustments she needs to make to live in a majority white world and how they affect her.

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