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Racial stereotypes, described by 12-year-olds

“Nothing is so powerful as having a friend of a different ethnic background.”

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America’s ‘Postracial’ Fantasy

Anna Holmes draws on her experience growing up biracial in America to discuss self-identification and other people’s perceptions.  For a fictionalized take on the subject, read Mat Johnson‘s Loving Day.   How do you identify people you see?  Try PBS’ “Sorting…

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Race Still Divides New Jerseyans Over Issues of Criminal Justice

Fairleigh Dickinson University’s PublicMind finds that race is a determining factor in attitudes toward the police and other institutions, including prosecutors and the availability of competent legal assistance for New Jersey residents. Three quarters of whites (75%) trust police to…

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Racial Microaggressions @ University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Domestic students of color attending the University of Illinois during 2011- 2012 were surveyed about their experiences of microaggressions on campus.  Of the 4800 who participated,”[t]hirty-nine percent (39%) of the students of color who responded to the survey reported feeling…

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Dear White America: People of color cannot turn away.

White America: your ability to ignore the situation is a mark of your privilege.

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