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raceAhead: Ally Edition

Ellen McGirt produces Fortune’s raceAhead daily issue, which summarizes and links to articles about racism, especially in the corporate world.  Want to raise your awareness?  Sign up for her email by clicking here.  In today’s Ally Edition, she’s put together…

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#1 Reason that Diversity Programs Fail

Frank Dobbin and Alexandra Kalev studied data from hundreds of firms over dozens of years and found that the three most popular diversity programs – mandatory training, testing and grievance systems – not only fall far short of stated goals,…

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Leading Empathetically in Troubled Times

Ellen McGirt, who writes Fortune’s raceAhead column, emphasizes the need for self-care for those involved in diversity work.  “But for anyone who does diversity and inclusion work, self-care must become an important part of your professional practices. It’s the only…

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