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Essay on Confederate Memorialization

The latest issue of Princeton University’s now-misnamed Alumni Weekly (it comes out monthly) includes an essay by Professor Tara Hunter entitled, “Confederate Memorialization and the Problems of Moral Equivalency.” White Southerners began honoring the rebel military just after the war…

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Official Statement Condemning Recent Incident of Hate Speech

When racist and anti-Semitic slurs appeared on an 8th grade web-based project, Princeton government and religious leaders produced the statement below.  Superintendent Steve Cochrane published a statement earlier on behalf of the school district.  To read that statement, click here….

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Linking Health and Mortality Racial Differences to Experience and Perceptions of Discrimination

In an op ed in the New York Times (November 12, 2017), Douglas Jacobs refers to the “[m]ore than 700 studies on the link between discrimination and health . . . published since 2000. This body of work establishes a…

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I’m the descendant of a founding father and I have two black daughters — and I am racist

Phil Lee, descendent of Richard Henry Lee, was a signer of the Declaration of Independence and enslaver, shares his recently acquired understanding. “Racism, I recently came to understand, isn’t about me having some kind of hate in my heart for…

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There really is no place “safe,” is there?

The other day, I touched on the fact that I’ve faced some stark realizations over the past few years, even though I previously thought I was pretty “enlightened.” The realization I came to after this particular event hit me really…

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