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New York State Slavery Records Index Launched by John Jay College

“John Jay College of Criminal Justice today announces the first New York Slavery Records Index, a publicly searchable compilation of records that identify individual enslaved persons and their owners, beginning as early as 1525 and ending during the Civil War….

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Race Research Online Directory

The website was created by the Center on Race and Social Problems of the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Social Work.  Topics include criminal justice, economic disparities, educational disparities, families, youth, and the elderly, health, interracial group relations, and mental…

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Teacher perceptions and race

Dick Startz reports on”New research by Adam Wright, “Teachers’ Perceptions of Students’ Disruptive Behavior: The Effect of Racial Congruence and Consequences for School Suspension,” documents that black teachers have much less negative views of black student behavior than do white…

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Scientists call for the removal of race in genetics research

Ancestry is a more useful category than race say Dorothy Roberts, professor of Africana studies, law and sociology at University of Pennsylvania, and Michael Yudell, chair and associate professor in the Department of Community Health and Prevention at Drexel University. …

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Research suggests that racism is not hard wired

On the heels of our most recent gathering for Continuing Conversations on Race and White Privilege, Not In Our Town members and supporters might be interested to read this piece in the latest issue of Scientific American, in which researchers…

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