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Ole Miss To Post Signs Recognizing Campus Buildings Built By Slave Labor

“The University of Mississippi is taking major strides in acknowledging its racist history. The institution, affectionately known as Ole Miss, announced plans on Thursday to recognize pre-Civil War campus buildings that were built by slaves. . . . in addition…

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How African Americans Use DNA Testing to Connect With Their Past

In an article in The Atlantic, Dean of social science at Columbia University, Alondra Nelson  describes a “new groundswell of root-seeking . . . .We talk about the history of slavery in this country and it feels so abstract. But…

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Georgetown University, Jesuits formally apologize for role in slavery

In a special ceremony Tuesday morning, the Jesuit order that founded Georgetown University formally apologized to the descendants of 272 slaves sold in 1838 to pay off the university’s debts.

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Georgetown to Rename Building for Isaac Hawkins, One of 272 Enslaved in 1838 Sale

Georgetown University announced the renaming of a building, which comes with input from the descendant community and at the recommendation of Georgetown’s Working Group on Slavery, Memory, and Reconciliation to honor the lives of the 272 enslaved women, children and…

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School Apologizes For Asking Students To Make Slave Auction Posters

While including the histories of all groups in America needs to be taught, HOW it should be taught is the question, as revealed in this news item.

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