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Black Skin, White Masks: Racism, Vulnerability & Refuting Black Pathology

Professor Ruha Benjamin shifts the discussion of the intersection of race and the current pandemic “to focus on the kind of transformation that has to happen, that IS happening, at the level of our social consciousness, where anti-blackness is so…

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What the COVID-19 Crisis Tells Us about Structural Racism webinar, April 16, 2020

“Even as COVID-19 leaves its mark across the length and breadth of the United States, we know that some communities are being hit harder than others. The overrepresentation of Black and Brown people among COVID victims in New York City…

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Don’t Talk about Implicit Bias Without Talking about Structural Racism

Kathleen Osta and Hugh Vasquez of the National Equity Project emphasize that “making progress on equity will require us to both mitigate our own biases and change structures.”  In addition to numerous examples, Osta and Vasquez describe three keys processes…

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Marginalized people don’t need politeness; they need power

Freddie deBoer points to the critical need to dismantle structural racism as the key focus of the racial justice movement. “The bigotries that afflict marginalized peoples are structural, not personal, and shaming can only ever target people, not structures.”

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To talk about structural racism, we have to talk about white privilege

This post in Urban Wire: Race, Ethnicity, and Gender, the think tank Urban Institute‘s blog, defines the basic terms white privilege and structural racism, how they are understood and the impact they have particularly on policies and practices.  “In the…

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