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4 Steps to Becoming a Culturally Responsive Teacher

Leticia Skae changed both her approach to teaching and the content of the curriculum to reach and engage her students, steps which resulted in “incredible growth on [the students’] state mandated end-of-course exams.”  To read her complete article, click here….

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White Teachers Need to See Color. Here’s Why. On why “I don’t see color” is so problematic.

Joy Mohammed instructs teachers about their obligation to recognize their students of color for whom they are.  “The cure for racism in education is not colorblindness. Colorblindness erases the student’s individuality in the educational space. The statement is a microaggression,…

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The Color of Emotion: Teachers’ Racialized Interpretations of Children’s Emotion and Student Outcomes

Amy Halberstadt received a William T. Grant Foundation grant for her work about how “practices that reduce racial bias among teachers can respond to gaps in academic and disciplinary outcomes between Black and White students. . . . . Teachers…

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I Was a Racist Teacher and I Didn’t Even Know It

In time for the beginning of a new school year, Laurie Calvert describes training that helped her see herself more objectively and the racist attitudes and behaviors she brought into her classroom.  To read more, click here.

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The Real Reason Black Kids Benefit From Black Teachers

As teacher David Jackson explains: “The fact that my skin color matches that of my students doesn’t give me any superpowers as an educator. But it does give me the ability to see them in a way that’s untarnished by…

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