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Black Teachers Matter

In Mother Jones, Kristina Rizga reports that “the turnover rate for white teachers has been relatively stable at 15 percent since the 2008-09 academic year. But the departure rate for black teachers has been increasing, from 19 percent in 2008…

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Students of All Races Favor Teachers of Color

“A new study analyzing student survey data of their classroom teachers found that all students, on average, had more favorable impressions of black and Latino teachers compared to white teachers. . . . The researchers included survey data from approximately 50,000 sixth…

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The many ways teacher diversity may benefit students

In their report, researchers Anna J. Egalite and Brian Kisida outline the three theories supporting the benefit to children of color of having non-white teachers in the classroom: 1) having similar ethnic/race teachers a role models, 2) higher expectations from…

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Teacher perceptions and race

Dick Startz reports on”New research by Adam Wright, “Teachers’ Perceptions of Students’ Disruptive Behavior: The Effect of Racial Congruence and Consequences for School Suspension,” documents that black teachers have much less negative views of black student behavior than do white…

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