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The unsung founders deserve better

How to recognize how deeply white supremacy is ingrained in ourselves and our institutions and how difficult it is to create a suitable commemoration of those who suffered the greatest impact is evident in this reflection about a memorial on…

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Race in the Writers’ Room: How Hollywood Whitewashes the Stories that Shape America

The power of the media to shape images and biases about groups of people has long been acknowledged.  The analysis by Darnell Hunt of UCLA of 1,678 first-run episodes from all 234 of the original, scripted comedy and drama series…

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Thanks to Issa Rae and Ava Duvernay, I See Black People

Ellen McGirt gives a brief history of racism in film processing.  The article includes videos discussing the industry’s use of “Shirley Cards” and an interview with director Ava Duvernay.  To read the entire blog, click here.

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Too Smart To Succeed, Too Good To Win — The Plight Of Black Professionals And Students

It is not uncommon for African Americans to be told by family and friends “You have to be twice as good as other people.” Co-authors J. Luke Wood, Frank Harris III, and Joshua Wood point out that when “excellence disrupts…

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