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Ex-Deputy Charged After Armed White ‘Mob’ Confronts Black Family

Okay.  Try this.  Stand by your front door.  Don’t open it.  Just stand there and imagine that there is an armed mob standing outside.  Just for a moment, feel the terror. Dameon Shepard’s mother, Monica, is quoted saying: “It felt…

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Ahmaud Arbrey is another in the long line of killings of young black men by white male vigilantes

From Not in Our Town Princeton board member Caroline Clarke: Same ole Same ole…No where to run. No where to just be. Ahmaud Arbrey is another name in the long line of young black men killed by white male vigilantes….

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Do we all have PTSD?: Mental health in an age of racial terror

Experience of both egregious acts of injustice and microaggressions and even visual exposure to such events causes racial trauma with the familiar symptoms of PTSD–depression,  fear based distrust of surroundings, anxiety, hyper alertness and angry outbursts when triggered.  While author…

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