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Tim Wise refutes denial

You may know someone who disagrees with your opinion about the grand jury’s decision in Ferguson. Here is Tim Wise, the noted anti-racist educator, refuting the denials  point-by-point. (If the link does not work, try going to or and here…

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Tim Wise: Start with the Sit-ins

Tim Wise (shown with Ross Wishnick, chairman of Princeton Human Services) spoke to an SRO crowd of 175 people at the Carl A. Fields Center tonight (February 10). Someone from Not in Our Town, asking a question, elicited what was…

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Tim Wise: Colorblindness is the Enemy

Tim Wise began his February 3 talk by crediting women and men of color for doing the hardest work. In particular, he honored the British Stuart Hall, known as the “godfather of multiculturalism,” who has just died. “Having done this…

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