Not In Our Town Princeton


Protests against campus racism don’t threaten free speech. They embrace it.

In a Washington Post piece, Shaun Harper asks “Where were the critics of political correctness when people of color were the ones being shut down?”

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The Cost of Balancing Academia and Racism by Adrienne Green

Reviewing the results of studies of the effect of racism on the mental health of college students of color, Green points out in her article in The Atlantic that “research has shown that the higher-education experience often requires that black…

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An Open Letter of Love to Black Students: #BlackLivesMatter

Moving letter of support from black faculty across the country to African American college students describes what both group face and endure.

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UCLA Academic Senate approves diversity-related course requirement

What will change attitudes, hearts and minds?  People need to be educated about their level of privilege.  UCLA is mandating a course on diversity, which is a start.

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“Dear White People” The Movie

“Winner of the 2014 Sundance Film Festival’s Special Jury Award for Breakthrough Talent, Dear White People is a sly, provocative satire of race relations in the age of Obama. Writer/director Justin Simien follows a group of African American students as…

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