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The danger of teaching children to be ‘colorblind’ by Marie-Anne Suizzo

In her work, Suizzo, an associate professor in the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Texas at Austin, notes that “white anxiety starts during childhood when white children are often taught that all skin colors are equal and…

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Protests against campus racism don’t threaten free speech. They embrace it.

In a Washington Post piece, Shaun Harper asks “Where were the critics of political correctness when people of color were the ones being shut down?”

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Poor whites live in richer neighborhoods than middle-class blacks and Latinos

Writing in the Washington Post, Michael A.Fletcher reports on research showing that “Poor whites tend to live in more affluent neighborhoods than do middle-class blacks and Latinos, a situation that leaves those minorities more likely to contend with weaker schools,…

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This is what white privilege is by Christine Emba

White privilege can’t be explained too often, and Christine Emba presents her take on the concept in the Washington Post In Theory blog.

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The U.S. has 35,000 museums. Why is only one about slavery?

John J. Cummings, III a retired trial lawyer, is redeveloping the Whitney Plantation as a memorial  to the enslaved people who worked there and throughout the United States.

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