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Statewide Social Justice Coalition Meeting, September 26, 2018


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A New Kind Of City Tour Shows The History Of Racist Housing Policy

In Milwaukee, Seattle, and Portland, tours are showing people how federal policies and laws created segregated housing and the black-white wealth gap that continues to this day.  Creative solutions can be found.  “Portland is also trying new policy: prospective first-time…

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Two Americas: Upward Mobility for White vs. Black Children

A study from The Equality of Opportunity Project documents the on-going racial gap in upward mobility. “[R]acial differences in economic opportunity using data on 20 million children and their parents.  . . . show black children have much lower rates…

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Returning What was Stolen

Christine Sleeter explains her decision to give to the Ute Nation her inheritance that derived from the sale of her family’s homestead. “By starting our family story with white settlers, we usually do not ask whose land the U.S. government…

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The Asset Value of Whiteness: Understanding the Racial Wealth Gap

“According to data from the Survey of Consumer Finances, the median white household possessed $13 in net wealth for every dollar held by the median black household in 2013. That same year, median white households possessed $10 for each dollar…

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