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Returning What was Stolen

Christine Sleeter explains her decision to give to the Ute Nation her inheritance that derived from the sale of her family’s homestead. “By starting our family story with white settlers, we usually do not ask whose land the U.S. government…

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The Asset Value of Whiteness: Understanding the Racial Wealth Gap

“According to data from the Survey of Consumer Finances, the median white household possessed $13 in net wealth for every dollar held by the median black household in 2013. That same year, median white households possessed $10 for each dollar…

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America’s wealth gap is split along racial lines — and it’s getting dangerously wider

Alvin Chang summarizes the report “The Ever-Growing Gap” from the Institute for Policy Studies that documents the racial aspects of the wealth differential in the United States.  “[I]t’s impossible to untangle wealth disparities from race, because America has had systemically…

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Poor whites live in richer neighborhoods than middle-class blacks and Latinos

Writing in the Washington Post, Michael A.Fletcher reports on research showing that “Poor whites tend to live in more affluent neighborhoods than do middle-class blacks and Latinos, a situation that leaves those minorities more likely to contend with weaker schools,…

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Knowledge of the Hidden Rules of Social Class

On October 8, Rev. Dr. Jamie Washington led a session on class at the Carl Fields Center at Princeton.  He handed out an exercise, similar to Peggy MacIntosh’s white privilege list, which was  developed by Patrick J. Ashton and adapted by Ruby…

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