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When White People Are Uncomfortable, Black People Are Silenced

Rachel Elizabeth Cargle gives numerous examples of silencing in American history, currently, and her own experience.  To read her article, click here. Other articles by Cargle are: How to talk about racism at the dinner table, When feminism is white…

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Robin DiAngelo On White People’s ‘Fragility’

“White progressives cause the most damage to people of color. . . . Niceness is not only not courageous, niceness is not going to get racism on the table . . . Question of ‘how’ rather than ‘if’ I’ve been…

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Book Review: White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo

New Yorker writer Katy Waldman reviews sociologist Robin DiAngelo’s new book, White Fragility.  The defensive, often outraged reactions of white people to learning the unpleasant realities of racism, often in their own behavior, work “‘to reinstate white equilibrium as they…

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As Starbucks trains on implicit bias, the author of ‘White Fragility’ gets real

On May 29, 2018, the day Starbucks closed thousands of stores to carry out racial sensitivity trainings, USA Today interviewed Robin DiAngelo, race educator who coined the term “white fragility,” about challenges to changing white people’s attitudes and behaviors and…

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On Yoga and White Public Spaces

This article “On Yoga and White Public Spaces” starts out with a quote by Sara Ahmed stating, “To name the problem is to become the problem.”  The quote accurately depicts the challenges faced by nonwhite people when attempting to engage…

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